Upgrades & Improvements

We offer a range of upgrades to improve the performance of your Alvis

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We are now able to offer a complete conversion package for those wishing to convert their Alvis from automatic to manual transmission

  • Our new manual gearbox is offered in either five or six speed versions
  • The very similar ratios as original ZF gearboxes
  • It provides the perfect answer to those drivers who desire a more sporty driving experience



Red Triangle has combined its own technical resources with Harvey Bailey Engineering to produce a handling system for the Alvis 3 Litre model range.  

The Alvis HBE Super-Ride system consists of an uprated front bar and a rear anti-roll bar specifically designed for Alvis cars.  The benefits include:

  • Reduced body/chassis roll
  • Improved straight line stability
  • More precise steering
  • Improved cornering stability
  • No reduction in ride comfort
  • Fitting requires no cutting or welding



The demands of modern motoring means safety is a serious consideration and lighting in particular.  Good nightime vision and more importantly being seen by others is crucial.

Red Triangle can convert your exsisting system to either halogen or LED lighting which gives the following benefits:

  • Halogen = 66% more light for same current
  • LED = same light for 1/3 of the current
  • Improved lighting - more safety
  • Appearance of your car is unaffected



Red Triangle can ensure your Alvis is able to stop quickly, ensuring not only your saftey but other road users. Converting your Alvis to hydraulics offers the following benefits:

  • Greater stopping power
  • Even pulling
  • Less maintenance
  • Discreet installation
  • The appearance of your car remains unspoilt



We have now developed a fuel injection system for most Alvis models, which provides the following benefits:

  • Designed specifically by The Alvis Car Company
  • Improves fuel economy and reliability
  • Improves performance
  • Reduces emissions
  • Period appearance in keeping with your car



Have you ever felt that your Alvis could just do with a fifth gear?

At the flick of a switch reduces engine revs by around a fifth giving you:

  • Fuel Economy - Reduced engine speed for the same road speed
  • Less Engine Wear - Lower engine speed - your engine doesn’t work as hard
  • Higher Cruising Speed - Higher cruising speed for the same engine speed
  • More Comfortable at Speed - Less engine noise at higher road speeds
  • More Usable - Modern motoring especially on motorways
  • Discreet Installation - The appearance of your car remains unspoilt
  • Alvis Models  - Availble for most Alvis cars, including pre-war models.
  • Door-to-Door Service - Free collection and delivery




Red Triangle’s new electronic distributor is a direct replacement for a mechanical distributor.  An electronic ignition directs an electric current to each spark plug when it needs to fire. It has many advantages over mechanically timed ignition systems:

  • Fits as a direct replacement for your old unit with no modifications
  • No worn mechanical parts to worry about - bob weights, springs, shaft bearings, shaft lobes etc
  • Gives a stronger spark
  • Gives a spark with longer duration
  • Allows the advance curve to be set specific to your vehicles requirements
  • Greater reliability - replaces the distributor complete - less moving parts
  • Your original unit can always be refitted if ever required



Red Triangles technicians can identify and remedy any faults in your steering box

  • Removes wear and unwanted play in your steering box
  • Restores that positive feel to driving
  • Available for all Alvis models

**This service is also available by us collecting just your steering box



Enjoy driving your Alvis but find the steering too heavy? We can now offer you a solution - The Red Triangle Power Steering System

  • Developed exclusively for Red Triangle using our Works drawings
  • All components are completely hidden underneath the dashboard
  • The existing steering arrangement remains unchanged
  • Brackets are designed to fit the original Alvis mounting points
  • No holes are drilled, no cutting or welding to the chassis or body
  • The car can easily be converted back to its original configuration
  • No changes under the bonnet everything remains as original



Connecting rods for Alvis engines

  • EN24 V double air re-melt forged steel
  • Fully machines
  • Uniform machine peening
  • Balnced end-to-end within a gram
  • 100% Maganflux tested
  • Laser etched
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK



Alvis cylinder blocks in cast iron or aluminium

  • Using the Work's drawings from our archives
  • Produced to the original specification
  • The highest quality materials
  • Manufactured to British Standard ISO 9001 with a full Red Triangle warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK



The Alvis Car Company has designed a range of forged pistons for all Alvis models

  • All critical surfaces machined in a Critical Manufacturing Cell
  • Closer tolerances on 14 critical areas of the piston
  • Top ring 1.0mm Gas Nitrite
  • 2nd ring 1.2mm Napier
  • Oil rails are Gas Nitrite
  • Precision forged piston for smoother performance and longer engine life
  • High precsion pistons to meet the demands of modern driving conditions



New fully counter-balance Alvis crankshafts for all models

  • Fully machined from a solid billet
  • High specification steel
  • Gas Nitride hardened
  • Certified within 0.001" rotational tolerance
  • Magnaflux crack detected
  • Dynamically balanced
  • Supplied with inspection report of the crankshaft’s critical dimensions
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK



Traffic congestion on a warm day can lead to overheating

Our integrated electric water pump solves the problem

  • Moves greater volume of coolant per minute
  • Runs independent of engine speed - keeps coolant moving fast at low speeds
  • Reduces under-bonnet temperature when most needed
  • Fits discretly replaces the mechanical pump



Intigrated thermostatically controlled electric fan

  • A specifically designed turned aluminium housing
  • Electrical components to fit inside
  • Operates independent of engine speed
  • Adjustable thermostat with drivers manual override
  • Reduces under-bonnet temperature when most needed
  • Looks more period than the seperate Kenlow version type



Our fuel rail system means fuel vapourisation problems are a thing of the past

  • Eliminates vaporisation with continuous flow of cool fuel
  • No more problems re-starting after stopping for short period
  • Discrete electric pump mounting at rear of car adjacent to fuel tank
  • Original fuel pumps remain in place
  • Under-bonnet appearance unchanged



Absorbed Glass Mat batteries stay charged longer

  • Hold their charge much longer than conventional batteries
  • Very suitable for vehicles not in constant use
  • High specific power – much more responsive to load
  • Up to 5 times faster to charge than a standard battery
  • More economic with a longer cycle life
  • Robust construction - spill-proof and vibration resistant
  • Particularly good in cold temperatures



Our "high efficiency" all-aluminium radiator - the permentant answer to over-heating

  • Special 'high-efficiency' five-row core construction
  • All all-aluminium materials for better heat transfer
  • Overheating can cause permanent engine damage
  • Persistent over heating often takes the pleasure out of driving
  • This service is available for all models


**This service is also available by arranging for us collect your radiator



A simple and safe battery maintenence system - no more flat batteries!

  • A permanent connection to your battery with a discreet plug-in connector
  • It takes only a few seconds to connect up
  • Your battery kept fully charged ready for the next time you use your car
  • Whether next day, next month or next year–your battery will be ready to go!
  • Even sulphated or heavily drained batteries can be brought back to life
  • Safety features include reverse polarity and short circuit protection
  • Uses very little power and increases battery life - saving you money
  • The compact design provides mounting holes for permanent wall fixing
  • Full 5 year warranty



Our electronic fuel pump provides easier, more reliable starting

  • Improved reliability with no electrical points to wear
  • Easier starting - primes the carburettors on ignition
  • Less engine cranking - less battery power needed
  • Discrete installation close to the tank
  • More efficient principle to 'push' fuel rather than to 'pull' fuel
  • The under-bonnet appearance remains the same




A range of 'high-torque' starter motors designed for Alvis cars

  • Huge increase in cranking power
  • Uses 50% less current than the original unit
  • Starts engine regardless of compression or temperature
  • Fits as a direct replacement for your original starter with no modifications
  • Your original unit can always be re-fitted if ever required



Alvis owners need to protect their cylinder heads against valve seat recession

We can achieve this by simply converting your cylinder head for use with unleaded fuel

  • No more messy, expensive additives
  • Permanent protection against valve seat recession
  • Smoother running
  • Improved fuel consumption

**This service is also available by us collecting your head




We provide a complete instrument restoration service for all Alvis models

  • Speedometers
  • Tachometers
  • Ammeters
  • Oil pressure guages
  • Water temperature guages
  • Fuel guages
  • Accurate instruments protect you engine
  • Accurate instruments provide for more pleasurable driving

** This service is also available by sending just your instruments to Red Triangle




A traditional dynamo will struggle to provide the charging capacity required for modern motoring

We offer a complete range of Alvis alternators that retain an authentic appearance with all the advantages of a modern technology

  • The advantages of an alternator but looks identical to the original dynamo
  • Produces 80% more power, with up to 50% weight saving
  • Starts charging at lower engine revs
  • It wil also fit as a direct replacement for your unit with no modifications
  • Your original dynamo can always be refitted if you ever required it

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