70-point Alvis Service


  1. Check for oil leaks
  2. Check carburettor/air intakes air cleaner elements(s)
  3. Check fuel pump sediment bowl
  4. Check carburettor filters
  5. Top up carburettor piston damper(s)
  6. Check/adjust carburettor idle settings
  7. Check & top up oil
  8. Check/adjust valve clearances
  9. Check cooling/heater systems for leaks and hoses for security and condition
  10. Check/top up cooling system -add Antifreeze
  11. Check/adjust operation of washers and top up reservoirs
  12. Check driving belts – adjust or renew
  13. Check starting carburettor fuel supply tube


  1. Check and adjust spark plugs
  2. Check distributor points -adjust or renew
  3. Lubricate distributor
  4. Check/adjust ignition timing



  1. Check for oil leaks
  2. Check/top up gearbox oil
  3. Check/top up rear axle/final drive oil
  4. Check/top up automatic gearbox fluid
  5. Check/top up clutch fluid reservoir
  6. Lubricate automatic gearbox exposed selector linkage
  7. Check clutch pipes for leaks and chafing
  8. Lubricate propeller shaft -check universal joints
  9. Lubricate clutch and brake pedal pivots


Steering and Suspension

  1. Check/top up steering and idler boxes
  2. Check condition and security of steering unit joints and gaiters
  3. Check/top up fluid in power steering reservoir
  4. Check front hub bearing end float
  5. Check/adjust hub bearing end float
  6. Check steering gear for oil leaks
  7. Check power steering system for leaks, hydraulic pipes and unions for chafing and corrosion
  8. Grease front suspension



  1. Check visually, hydraulic pipes and unions for chafing, leaks and corrosion
  2. Check/top up brake fluid reservoir(s)
  3. Check hand brake operation: adjust
  4. Check foot brake operations: adjust to manufacturers instructions (self adjusting)
  5. Lubricate compensator
  6. Visually inspect brake linings/pads for wear, drums and discs for condition
  7. Lubricate hand brake mechanical linkage and cable guides (lever pivot)
  8. Lubricate brake pedal pivot(s)
  9. Check brake servo hose(s) for security and condition



  1. Check original equipment ie: interior/exterior lamps, horns, wipers and warning indicators
  2. Check/top up battery electrolyte
  3. Clean and grease battery connections
  4. Lubricate dynamo
  5. Check dynamo brushes
  6. Lubricate starter motor
  7. Check/adjust head lamp alignment
  8. Check and if necessary renew wiper blades
  9. Check and adjust washer jets


  1. Exhaust and Fuel Pipes

  2. Check fuel system for leaks, pipes and unions for chafing and corrosion
  3. Check exhaust system for leaks and security
  4. Check exhaust mountings and adjust system for clearance


Wheels and Tyres

  1. Check that tyres comply with manufacturers specification
  2. Check/adjust tyre pressures, including spare
  3. Check tyres for tread depth and visually for external cuts in fabric, exposed cord, lumps or bulge
  4. Check tightness of road wheel fastenings



  1. Lubricate all locks and hinges
  2. Check security and condition of seats and seat belts
  3. Check rear view mirror(s) for cracks
  4. Ensure cleanliness of controls, door handles and steering wheel
  5. Check operation of all door, bonnet and boot locks
  6. Check operation of window controls
  7. Check operation of seat belt inertia reel mechanism



  1. Road test and check function of all instrumentation
  2. Ensure jacking holes are clean
  3. Wash down engine and valet vehicle both inside and out
  4. Report any observations to customer