Today I received the Red Triangle Catalogue. It is an amazing catalogue the quality of the paper the photography every single detail of to. It's so well put together, so classy it just brings the quality of our cars to another level. Every paragraph of the catalogue really brings a flame of joy of ownership.

March 7, 2019

A.M. California

I am glad to report that, after a couple of local journeys in London, my car seems much improved. Well, actually vastly improved. The engine seems to be running better with the electronic distributor, the steering feels just right, the brakes are right up and the awful passenger door rattles have gone. Even the heater motor is working - and registering on the ammeter. I send my compliments to you and everyone at Red Triangle, especially those who have tweaked the car and raised it to its present, better-than-ever condition.

February 2, 2019

S.R. London

Thank you for your beautifully produced catalogue, which arrived today.

August 3, 2018


Thanks for all the work and making it possible to use Mavis this week at the wedding. The door job is superb, and thanks for leaving the small pot of touch up paint - very useful. Thanks again and please pass on my thanks to all members of the team responsible

July 23, 2018


Thank you for the catalogue, received this morning. A magnificent production!

July 16, 2018


Please thank Paul for the excellent service with the pedal rubbers & Owners Manual which arrived on Friday.

July 15, 2018


I drove my car straight off the ferry at Jersey to rally with Car Club of Jersey. The engine is pulling really well and running the best it has for years and the rear spring you recommended changing has transformed the cars handling. A job well done!

June 30, 2018


Wow!! What a privilege to spend an hour and a half with you yesterday Richard. Michael and I did not stop talking about our visit all afternoon. The quality of your work and sheer beauty of the product is just amazing. We loved the archive and all the history and quite honestly we could have spent all day there - no – all week! You treated us like royalty and you can be sure we will be good ambassadors for Red Triangle and Alvis

June 3, 2018


Thank you for all your help Paul. I look forward to receiving the items as soon as possible and thank you again for the excellent service.

May 30, 2018


Mike, many thanks for today. The car is a credit to you all

April 12, 2018


Just a quick note of thanks for your time on Wednesday. I very much appreciated your incredible knowledge and passion for all things Alvis

January 3, 2018


With the brake servo replaced and the all-around service, the car now drives superbly. Thanks again for your very kind support

December 14, 2017

R.K. – Switzerland

My alvis has covered 400 miles on the new clutch, thanks again for the support

December 6, 2017

S.M. – County Galway

I just wanted to say thank you for my folder - it's beautiful and a considerable upgrade on the plastic carrier bag that I currently use ! A really nice touch

December 4, 2017

C.P. – Hertfordshire

Your hints and tips are always very useful

October 10, 2017

C.M. – Kent

I would like to congratulate you on the speed and efficiency of supplying parts to my London hotel address within 24 hours of telephoning

August 17, 2017


Thank you for the parts, well received, in 2 days! And they fit perfectly

July 24, 2017


Good morning Mike. The car arrived looking beautiful and your driver Steve is a credit to you

July 24, 2017


Just calling to say how pleased I am with the car. Thank you for all your hard work. It has not looked this good for a long time

July 22, 2017


Good morning Neil. The Alvis cars on display were stunning and I really appreciated the craftsmanship that went into producing such lovely cars

July 11, 2017


It was great to have the car back for such a glorious weekend; thank you for making it happen. The car won best restoration completed in the last twelve months. You will remember the dreadful state the car was in when you picked it up in October 2014 – it’s been a real transformation.

June 20, 2017


Thank you Mike for your time yesterday. I enjoyed my visit and I am delighted with your work. I look forward to speaking next week and to getting my hands on the car!

June 5, 2017


Alan in customer service could not have been more helpful. It was the best value for money I have had in decades.

June 4, 2017


The essential pre tour service has been beyond reproach. We drove some 2750 miles in hot and cold weather, wet and dry, high up to usually around 5000 ft and down again many times, in congested Inter – states, around big cities and all the time the car never missed a beat.

June 2, 2017


A big thank you to Paul in customer service - it was exactly what I needed! You have been so helpful.

May 10, 2017


Many thanks for the Red Triangle Catalogue which I received yesterday. It is a fine quality publication and I'm sure it will be most useful in sourcing parts for my recently acquired Speed 20 SD

April 30, 2017


I called to say my car was running very well and I’m pleased with Red Triangle’s work. My car will be returned in the Autumn for the additional work items we discussed

April 25, 2017


“The car is running very well and looked very clean. I’m impressed with the condition of the car when returned and I’d like the paint work done in the Autumn“

April 25, 2017


“The engine and transmission has arrived safely and all been installed. Well Done. We are extremely happy with the finished product - it looks fantastic.”

March 30, 2017


"I called to say that the car is running and driving well. I used the car this weekend and I am very happy with it"

March 27, 2017

P.S. – Oxfordshire

"I am very happy with the paint work and colour match and also I'm pleased with the mirrors"

March 27, 2017

R.G.F. – Cambridgeshire

"I have just received the latest mailshot from Red Triangle and I felt I had to write to say how impressed I was with the range of services you are offering and the plendid variety of cars you have for sale. The range of modern upgrades is exceptional and what I particularly like is that it is all aimed at those who want to keep their cars on the roads and to use them in all modern conditions - night time, traffic jams, motorways etc. Great stuff!"

March 3, 2017

T.C. – Surrey

"To have had so much work undertaken and to have been able to use the car without any problems whatsoever has been an absolute joy!"

March 2, 2017

P.M. – Cornwall

"Thank you for all your efforts with the sale of my car and going to the bank and organising the payment etc."

February 21, 2017

P.M. – London

"The car drove beautifully from Paris to UK. Thank you"

February 17, 2017

P.D.S. – Surrey

"I wanted my TD21 ready for my daughter’s wedding and this was achieved comfortably, indeed there was time enough to put 500 miles on the car. What particularly pleased me was that the work moved forward without delay. At every visit it was clear that progress had been made. At the wedding the car drew many compliments and the compliments continue whenever the car is out and about. "

January 26, 2017

C.V. – Cheshire

"Enjoyed your first newsletter. We shall measure the oil before putting new oil in next time"

December 11, 2016

E.G. – Kent

"You are a splendid man! Many thanks for sending the Silver Crest Supplements"

December 5, 2016

C.N. – France

"Many thanks for your attention to this. I received my parcel safe and sound"

November 1, 2016

J.K. – Derbyshire

"I must say how pleased I am with the service on my Speed 25"

October 11, 2016

J.G. – Hertfordshire

"The parts have just arrived. That was great service !! My compliments to all at Red Triangle"

September 28, 2016

D.P. – Netherlands

"VERY many thanks for your email and attachment. They are really helpful. I am thrilled !!"

September 20, 2016

M.H. – Northumberland

"Just a note to thank you very much for the two emails and attached documents which have made very interesting reading - nice to be able to fill in some bits of the history. Thanks also for the handbook and spare parts list which arrived safely today. I am grateful to you for the very efficient way you have dealt with my requests"

July 15, 2016

R.A. – Scotland

"I thought you would like to know that I have completed nearly 400 miles in the car over the last few days and it has been a joy to behold and drive and has performed faultlessly throughout. We went to the South west Alvis day near Tiverton on Sunday where the car was much admired and won a cup for best car from Cornwall, much to our surprise as we had not entered !! Since my initial drive a couple of weeks ago, much seems to have been done to improve the steering and now the interior is fitted , the car seems surprisingly quiet and easy to drive. My wife Moyra has even driven the car and finds no difficulty in doing so and she is full of praise for our new carriage"

July 4, 2016

P.M. – Cornwall

" Car arrived safely this afternoon. We have been out for a run and all appears to be well. Seat belts are very neat, and it's nice to see a bit of a gleam on the paintwork. Brakes and steering much improved, thanks "

June 3, 2016

P.T. – Surrey

"Dear bodyshop team. The car is gorgeous and Charles is looking very happy. Already, 3 neighbours have come and said 'what a beautiful colour'. I'm loved bringing cakes for you, its lovely making them for people who enjoy them. With many thanks for the flowers and all your hard work on the car"

June 3, 2016

V. I. – Merseyside

"Thank you very much for your recent phone call. I have had a number of conversations and they have all been very courteous and helpful, indeed models of customer relations. Please pass on my thanks to all concerned. I am grateful for their friendly and expert help"

March 7, 2016

J.F.W. – Cheshire

" What can I say. Thank you so much for all the time you spent yesterday with us. It was so enjoyable and so great to see all that you do. It was like being a child in a sweet factory! Indeed that is exactly what my daughter described my face as I saw the stores. I so envy you all working with such great machinery. I believe you must be a pretty unique operation. It was so kind of you to spend so much of your valuable time with us. I cannot describe the pleasure I derived. Thanks for all your help and assistance and I am going to have great fun this afternoon playing the films! Really great service and really looking forward to seeing the Alvis "

December 22, 2015

M.H. – Merseyside

" Thanks Ian - I appreciate the care and attention from your end. "

December 7, 2015

A.B. – Wiltshire

" Thanks for the update Ian, she's looking lovely."

December 1, 2015

T.H. – Hampshire

" Thanks for the return of my Alvis - badge on the radiator looks fine as does the replacement heater hose. Thank you for your good work on this. "

November 18, 2015

J.O. – Oxfordshire

" Thank you so much for the photos; really helpful and very much appreciated "

November 6, 2015

C.C. – East Sussex

" Very happy with my car and that you have cured the vibration - thanks for getting me and the car back on track. "

November 4, 2015

S.H. – Hampshire

" A quick note to thank you for your help in sorting all the parts. Your customer centric approach is highly commendable and appreciated. If only all businesses had such helpfully minded staff. Many thanks again. "

August 28, 2015

N. G. – Dorset

" I'd like to congratulate the team for the great job you did on both the doors and frontal bodywork recently - car now looks as good as it goes - makes me want to get the remainder of the bodywork done now! "

July 8, 2015

A.F. – Northamptonshire

The car is going very well

July 6, 2015

C.S. – Wiltshire

" Well done! Alvis arrived and is beautiful. Fine work, inside and out. Mechanics and engine and gears flawless. Thank you for a good job and please use me as a positive reference. "

June 25, 2015

R.Q. – United States

Parcel just arrived; excellent service, thanks.

June 8, 2015

P.H. – Surrey

" Thank you for the work done on the Silver Eagle; it is driving great and the engine is pulling the best it ever has "

June 8, 2015

F.R. – Oxfordshire

My compliments to Red Triangle on handling my enquiry before my car came in and further on the thoroughness, knowledge and facilities shown on my visit "

April 23, 2015

R.M. – Kent

" Thanks for hard work on my 4.3 - engine is great. I would like to put Silver Eagle in at end of summer for engine improvements "

April 13, 2015

R.H. – Hampshire

" I have done around 600 miles through Peak District & Yorkshire in severe weather conditions then back to London; very happy with engine which didn't miss a beat; thanks to all for your hard work and prepping car so well to my deadline. "

April 13, 2015

E.R. – London

Enjoyable first drive and looking forward to many more; pleasure to deal with Richard and your staff; everyone I encountered at Red Triangle was very helpful and courteous and I wish you well for the future.

March 31, 2015

R.M.D. – Kent

Many thanks for the collection and the work

March 28, 2015

C.S. – Wiltshire

" As a new customer visiting Red Triangle I am impressed; my estimates were ready; the car was on ramp ready for my visit. I was very pleased for the invitation to come to Red Triangle and the time spent with me going over my estimate whilst looking at the car - a professional service "

March 24, 2015

B.H. – Derbyshire

" Thanks to everyone concerned with the highly informative and enjoyable day on the 7th. Will stick in the old memory box for some time to come! "

December 11, 2014

J.N. – Buckinghamshire

" Just rang to say how well and courteously your driver Paul Gibson had been when collecting the car "

December 9, 2014

N.O. – Essex

" Thanks for all your help - great to put a voice to the name "

December 2, 2014

J.T. – Australia

" Thank you for my order which arrived safely this morning. Great service! "

November 29, 2014

M.C. – Lancashire

" Thanks for speedy dispatch of parcel and always looking after me "

October 15, 2014

R.C. – Cambridgeshire

" Thanks for work done on the Alvis; looks and drives even better than 10 years ago "

September 25, 2014

H.G. – Tyne and Wear

" Thanks for time, hospitality and enthusiasm in showing me around; Red Triangle can be justly proud of what's in Kenilworth "

September 22, 2014

M.O’B. – Australia

" Just to say thank you to all at Red Triangle that made possible for us to arrive in style at Goodwood last Sunday "

September 18, 2014

N.T. – Norfolk

" Thank everyone for their troubles; car came back much cleaner than it went "

September 9, 2014

A.B. – Gwynedd

" Thanks for the good work undertaken on the advance/retard last time car was with RT; will look at trim later in year "

August 18, 2014

R.W.L. – Northamptonshire

" Both cars are going brilliantly; the TE 21 goes like a bomb and has just won a cup at the Northern Classic Car Show "

August 15, 2014

G.P. – West Yorkshire

" Thank you for all your effort with the car, it is running the best it has ever run "

July 24, 2014

I.W. – Oxfordshire

" Car has done 1200 miles, 6 drivers, immaculately - thanks to whole team "

July 24, 2014

P.F. – Surrey

" Many thanks for your prompt and courteous service. You will be pleased to know that the parcel arrived at 11pm your time last night - amazingly quick and all looks good. Thanks again. "

July 18, 2014

P.D. – Australia

" I am delighted to have Alvis back and thank you to the team for all their hard work; it's going very well; downpours tested every orifice and new windscreen fitting stood up well "

July 14, 2014

A.G.M. – Suffolk

" Thank you for introducing us to joys of Alvis motoring; presentation and tuition greatly appreciated "

June 27, 2014

P.F. – Kent

" Your parts service is quite frankly excellent … help from staff is not only helpful and excellent but also friendly; in modern society we are only to happy to complain but never say thank you "

June 24, 2014

M.G.H. – Cheshire

" I rang to say “thank you very much” for sending my parcel on a before 9am delivery as it has arrived! Especially as I had only called yesterday afternoon. "

June 24, 2014

R.B. – Surrey

"Thank you for achieving such a good result in the commission sale of my Alvis ; company's breadth of knowledge and expertise is a great advantage to any sale, but your personal skills brought about such a good result; it has been a pleasure to deal with you and be guided wisely as to the best course of action following our valuable discussions; I am a most satisfied customer "

June 8, 2014

S.L. – Surrey

" Thanks for privilege of learning more about my car at the workshop forum "

June 8, 2014

B.P. – Dumfries & Galloway

" Thank you so much for all you have done - petrol pump received, installed and working beautifully "

June 5, 2014

A.J. – United States

" Thank you for technical support during recent Fougeres rally for bespoke gasket for Sp20; compliments on the whole team's can-do culture and hands-on enthusiasm "

June 4, 2014

F.K. – West Sussex

" The car is going brilliantly "

May 22, 2014

M.F. – London

" I wish to thank all at Red Triangle who were involved with my car and returning it very speedily looking very spick and span both inside and out. I took it for a good run yesterday afternoon and it goes so much better. "

May 16, 2014

R.W.L. – Northamptonshire

"I cannot tell you how I am happy for your help and given information. It will help me a lot, especially for the future orders of spare parts ……. "

April 24, 2014

P.K. – Czech Republic

“ Really happy with the service and please pass on my sincere thanks to all concerned ”

April 17, 2014

G.P. – West Yorkshire

" I appreciate the service you give to us here in New Zealand "

April 15, 2014

R.H. – New Zealand

" Thanks for patience & professionalism; parts exactly right; really happy car looks as though it will be back on road later this year after 16 years! "

April 11, 2014

T.P. – Australia

" Appreciation and thanks for 26.04 forum; superbly organised and full of extremely useful information; knowledgeable and enthusiastic speaker and impressive workshop facilities; personalised booklet much liked; high quality lunch and excellent opportunity to meet other owners "

April 3, 2014

G.H.A. – Middlesex

"Sincere thanks for fascinating forum day "

January 2, 2014

R.McD. – Herefordshire

" TB 14 now safely home so many thanks to the team and my best wishes for Christmas "

December 19, 2013

G.P. – West Yorkshire

" Thanks for TLC to car; appearance and performance so far very pleased with; thanks for photographs, MOT and valuation

December 17, 2013

S.B. – Peebleshire

" Silver Eagle is driving the best it's ever driven; cooling issues sorted after many year; delighted "

December 17, 2013

F.M.R. – Oxfordshire

"Splendid workshop forum on 7 December "

December 9, 2013

D.M. – Essex

" Very many thanks to you all for the excellent day at Kenilworth. I greatly enjoyed the talks, lunch and workshop sessions, in fact everything. The car record copies were a particularly appreciated inclusion "

December 9, 2013

G.L. – Middlesex

" Just to thank you for sorting out the recent problem, and so rapidly too. The car arrived back yesterday, as you no doubt know, and I am very pleased with your work on it. Best wishes for Christmas and for a successful 2014 "

December 3, 2013

P.W. – West Yorkshire

" Engine parts ordered Monday evening; email to confirm packed and ready Tuesday morning; package arrived 10.30am Thursday morning; is this some kind of record? "

November 15, 2013

R.McK. – Australia

" The car is performing very well indeed and is a pleasure to drive, keeping up with modern traffic well too. "

November 5, 2013

P.W. – West Yorkshire

" I ordered a set of carburettor gaskets for my Speed 20 SB at approx 4.30 pm yesterday, Friday 27th Sept and they arrived in this morning's post. Consequently the car was unexpectedly back on the road today. Many thanks for impeccable service! "

September 28, 2013

P.S. – Norfolk

" Just to say we had a marvellous trip down to West Cornwall on Friday - 320 miles with just one stop! ..….cruised down topless all the way between 70 and 80, which she seemed to find very comfortable. She ran beautifully. So great job, well done to you and the guys. "

July 8, 2013

R.S. – Warwickshire

" Thanks for water pump rebuild; car has run beautifully and delighted with cooling in standing traffic "

July 2, 2013

J.P.C. – Oxfordshire

" Thank you for your time the other day in showing me round Red Triangle especially as you had no notice beforehand. It's nice to put a face to a name and a voice also. I much appreciated that, and was impressed by the setup at Red Triangle and by my car's performance too. "

June 17, 2013

P.W. – West Yorkshire

" Just to say many thanks for the excellent job. The car looks great. "

June 4, 2013

G.P. – West Yorkshire

" Thanks to Richard and the Red Triangle team for the professional way in which the purchase of my car and subsequent work on it has been handled; buying such a car from RT is the easiest and safest way for someone not acquainted with their peculiarities; appreciate high level of craftsmanship and knowledge that Red Triangle has preserved over the years "

May 30, 2013

G.dL. – France

" Enjoyed the forum on Saturday; we depend on Red Triangle for parts and support and all need you to flourish - thank you and the team's efforts and hope you are here for many years hence "

May 1, 2013

J.B. – South Glamorgan

" I have received the pump housing at Friday afternoon. Thank you very much for the prompt delivery. It was fitted at Saturday and the car is running again. "

April 28, 2013

U.B. – Germany

" I just got home and could see the pictures of the car. What truly beautiful piece of work you have all done. It's stunning. "

April 19, 2013

B.T. – London

" I received the Alvis back and I am very happy with the work that has been carried out "

March 22, 2013

M.D.B – London

" Thank you for enjoyable and informative workshop forum; impressive knowledge and enthusiasm "

March 6, 2013

R.McD. – Herefordshire

" Many thanks for the copy of the build sheet, it is really nice to have these details especially for such an original car. Also please pass on my thanks to everybody for a really great workshop day, everybody who I have spoken to really enjoyed the day, great venue, food and organisation and a superb subject, what more could one ask ? So a big "well done" to everybody "

March 6, 2013

D.W. – Leicestershire

" Enjoyed forum; staff welcoming; beautifully organised; learnt lots; good opportunity to meet and make friends; thank you for thoughtful touch in putting build record in binder "

March 4, 2013

D.W. – Somerset

" Thanks for hospitality, interesting and worthwhile day "

March 4, 2013

A.N. – Somerset

" Thanks for workshop forum on Saturday; good to see workshops where my car is sometimes fettled and to meet staff; friendly and well run; much effort involved "

March 3, 2013

T.R. – Essex

" Thanks to all at Red Triangle who made the seminar day worthwhile and enjoyable "

January 15, 2013

J.P.C. – Oxfordshire

" Thanks for a super day at the 12th Jan forum; really enjoyed meeting RT people "

January 1, 2013

D.G. – West Lothian

" I rang to thank Red Triangle for wonderful job on car water pump which had leaked since I have owned it and now it doesn't - also, wonderful job on cleaning wheels "

December 4, 2012

B.A. – Staffordshire

" Very pleased with way in which car is running and with the brake work carried out "

November 23, 2012

J.R.O. – Kent

" Thank you for the work you did earlier this year to improve the car's starting; it's greatly improved "

November 19, 2012

P.S. – West Sussex

" The car looks splendid and runs very well - your team seems to have done an excellent job, so please also pass on my thanks to Frank, Dave and Richard. "

November 12, 2012

C.S. – Wiltshire

" We've had plenty of use now with the 12/50 plus overdrive including 1,500m to France. The overdrive ratio is excellent; 18% coupled with the 4.5 diff means we have all the benefit of the '5th' gear but there is still plenty left for overtaking or long inclines without dropping to top. So thank you and thank you for tackling all the under floor and behind dash fiddlings you obviously had to contend with "

October 3, 2012

A.B. – Gwynedd

" The overdrive is an absolute marvel, long motorway journeys can be tackled without having to pay tag with HGVs all the time! "

October 3, 2012

F.C. – Kent

" On return from taking car on Scandinavian tour, I am anxious to express gratitude to Dave and team for preparation earlier in year resulting in her faultless performance throughout; not only completed whole tour but travelled total of almost 3500 miles - a fine testimonial to Red Triangle's work "

August 4, 2012

D.W.B. – Dorset

" Very pleased with my car, thank you Red Triangle for your work "

July 26, 2012

G.C.R. – Hampshire

" Called to say my car has driven better than ever - and the conditions were abominable - so I am delighted "

July 24, 2012

J.D. – Somerset

" Visited Goodwood stand. Congratulations on a really good display. Most surprised to see Alvis so well represented and hope it was all worthwhile. "

July 2, 2012

K.S. – Gloucestershire

" May I offer my sincerest thanks for lending me your starter motor for the Flying Scotsman Rally? It was jolly decent of you….. Without your offer of help the adventure would probably not have gone ahead, so thank you once again. "

April 25, 2012

F.G. – London

" Great job with the parts catalogue; thank you for sending it "

April 18, 2012

R.W. – Australia

" I rang to say thank you for returning the car - it looks wonderful and is driving really well "

April 12, 2012

A.F. – London

" I called to say thank you for all the work - the car drove and handled brilliantly on its way home "

April 12, 2012

B.C. – East Sussex

" I called to say thank you for a job well done "

April 3, 2012

J.H. – West Sussex

" Thanks for prompt reply in re-sending crank and rods hints and tips; much appreciated"

March 28, 2012

R.C.- New Zealand

" I had a pleasant surprise when I got to the office today with the Alvis Record folder. What a good idea. Thank you (and the team at Red Triangle) very much - I will look forward to filling this in "

March 20, 2012

A.B. – Worcestershire

"I called to say how pleased I am with the work and service I have had from Red Triangle"

February 20, 2012

R.S. – Lancashire

" Thank you for your speedy service "

December 23, 2011

M.M. – Staffordshire

"A job well done"

December 6, 2011

S.B. – Isle of Man

"Just done over 70 miles in the car and it is the best it has driven in the 25 years, I love the power steering and the adjuster switch has made a big difference"

December 1, 2011

T.B. – Suffolk

" Very pleased with the car and impressed by how quickly Red Triangle turned the job round and with no fuss about collecting and redelivering "

November 18, 2011

G.K. – Oxfordshire

" A pleasure working with you & having car restored; mark of a company is one that resolves an error to complete satisfaction; Red Triangle took all good & bad, resolving issues magnificently; feel free to use my appreciation any time"

October 28, 2011

L.C. – Herefordshire

" I must say it is a completely different car; much admired at a friend's wedding; body shop have done a wonderful job - well worth it and the paintwork surpassed all expectations; interior trim as good if not better than original and a tribute to Red Triangle's craftsmen; hood looks much better in canvas than leather-cloth and has withstood torrential rain; steering and unleaded fuel conversion also well worth while and thanks for help in rectifying problems and installing electronic upgrades; please pass on gratitude to all concerned for such a thorough and professional restoration"

October 21, 2011

B.H. – South Gloucestershire

" Wheel Cylinder received today, Thank you for your excellent service "

October 20, 2011

F.B. – East Sussex

" The car drove wonderfully all the way home, ran like a dream; thanks for all hard work over summer "

October 19, 2011

T.E. – Germany

" The car has never run as well as it has since Red Triangle had it "

October 18, 2011

P.D. – Essex

" Parts arrived yesterday lunch; I appreciate your prompt action"

October 12, 2011

Y.I. – Japan

" Thank you for splendid attention over the years - still in good fettle and still drives beautifully "

October 4, 2011

H.G. – Tyne and Wear

" Congratulations on the best looking stand at Goodwood! Many thanks, Frank to you and Curtis for taking the time to give me the comprehensive tour of Red Triangle. Really impressive! I really appreciate it! "

September 21, 2011

J.L. – United States

" Wonderful - please accept my heartfelt congratulations for your outstanding service "

September 14, 2011

L.C. – Switzerland

" I love the power steering and find the adjustment range spot on. I'm happy to sing your praises to anyone who asks. Thank you for all the work carried out "

August 25, 2011

J.M. – South Yorkshire

" Thank you for the good work "

August 22, 2011

M.O’F. – Channel Islands

" Very happy with the car "

August 10, 2011

M.N.D. – Worcestershire

" Thank you for help and great service once again "

July 14, 2011

P.D. – Australia

" Thanks for work carried out; car is driving wonderfully "

July 8, 2011

W.F.C. – Kent

" Parts arrived "today 2pm" - Such fast service! "

July 8, 2011

J.B. – Japan